Job: Veterinary surgeon.
First paddled: Starting paddling when I was 40 and looking for something new to do. I had been doing a lot of scuba diving previously, so always had an affinity with water.
I very soon found there was an over 40s GB crew and got involved with that.
I met my husband in a GB dragon boat. He was sat somewhere behind me and thought I had a nice arse!
This photo was taken on our honeymoon…had to involve boats, obviously!


Job: Occupational Therapist at MK Hospital (via Warwick, Chichester, Burnley, Southend, & Rugby).
Hometown: Coventry. Home of ‘batches’ and ‘sent to’ (which is never funny to a Coventrian).
First paddle: LSM ‘Rower’s Ark’ charity team in 2017. Missed 2018 but made a winning comeback in 2019 with ‘Return of the Mack-rel’. Why? Initially I wasn’t given a choice. Latterly, realised I wasn’t going to lose any weight playing FIFA.
Trivia/fun facts: Former steel band alto, champion starer, obsessive collector, fan of Burnley FC, Girls Aloud and most things Swedish, bar herring.


Job: Regional Ops Manager for {My}Dentist.
First paddled: I’ve been paddling for 2.5years. I originally joined because my other half was paddling and every time I went along to support him I was asked ‘when are you getting in the boat?’ When I ran out of excuses I decided to get in thinking I’ll be that bad the coaches won’t want me back 🤣 …. it backfired…. I loved it and they just made me better! A year on I took over as ladies captain and haven’t looked back!
Fun fact: as well as paddling I can also play the saxophone! (Another great lung workout!)


Job: Automated systems Engineer
First paddled: Willen Lake Dragon Boat Festival 2015 with previous employer, we won 1st place! Trained by Secklow, I loved the team spirit and decided to join the club!
Fun facts: I have paddled with Secklow competitively for the last five years, enjoy kayaking, cycling and camping with my friends and family, something I get to do a lot of with national competitions!
Extra fun fact: I can rap the majority of Eminem’s back catalogue…but you’ll have to get some drinks in me first! 😆


Job: IT System Analyst for Banco Santander
First paddle: 1993 competing in the Corporate games for Abbey Bank, I was hooked and joined the then newly formed Secklow Hundred the same year, previously VW Dragons.
I an an Ex ladies captain and treasurer of the club.
My husband Guy also paddles after I persuaded him to get in the boat in in around 1997.
I also paddle for the over 50 (😲) ladies team Britannia ladies.
This photo of me was in Venice last year when I took part in the Vogalonga with Britannia. Looking forward to doing it with Secklow in the future.


Job:Teaching assistant at a special needs school

I’ve always loved water sports, especially sailing, so when my mum was inspired to set up a dragon boat club to help those who had been affected by breast cancer I was all in to giving paddling a go almost 3 years ago now. I am the head coach and helm at Oxford paddlers for life and coach a bit at Secklow too. Paddling is my way of keeping fit whilst enjoying being out on the water.


15yrs Old. I am a very sporty person and dragonboating was never on top of my list. I started paddling middle of 2018 for fun as I was tired of travelling around the country watching my dad race! I was used as an occasional seat filler…. to make up numbers.
Whilst attending the European Nations Championships in Germany as a spectator , I got to experience first hand the thrill and competitive nature of dragonboating while watching the GB Teams. This ignited my passion for the sport and desire to compete at the highest level for both club Secklow and Great Britain.
Dragonboating is now my favourite sport. I have met so many amazing people that have encouraged and supported me along my journey so far, and some will always hold a special place in my heart as I consider them my family now.


I got into dragon boat racing through the annual charity event at Willen Lake. I spent seven years losing on a part-time basis at Willen and decided in 2007 that I would give losing properly a try at Secklow. We used to lose a lot…..albeit with plenty of charisma and style….although recently we have started to lose a little less…..

I used to be the self-styled boat ‘model’ which gave the rest of the crew something else to take the piss out of (after dodgy technique & rhythm, and a tendency to miss Sunday training due to a hangover). With younger and prettier people increasingly around, I started to take the sport slightly more seriously and first represented GB in 2015 in Canada. I am currently one of the club coaches, attempting to mould a beautiful group of paddling talent into a smiling, ruthless, all-conquering machine.


Job: Primary School Teacher

First paddled: I first started paddling in Perth W.A., when my best friend was pregnant and so the team needed an extra women paddler. What started as a maternity cover soon just became my life, especially when I moved back to the UK and looked for a local team to join just for social reasons. Social reasons soon also became hugely competitive reasons and what was supposed to just be new friends and a pint, became team GB at the World Championships in Thailand…oops! Fun fact: I used to be a zookeeper, gorillas, orangutans and primary aged children…all the same right?!