Nickname : Colonel Random-Flail
Joined : 22/07/2008
I first got into the sport by way of press gang .... Sally C was hanging around Willen Lake at the same time I was one day, and suggested I might wanna take it up so after being a bum on the seat for a helming training course and doing one of the charity events at Willen, I took the plunge and signed up .... so ... your fault, Sally!.

I'm 6ft 2 ins tall, I have the arms of orang-utan, and the legs of a giraffe and I'm not giving them back, I'm having far too much fun with them! i did a solo 60-mile kayak-a-thon in 1 day on the Grand Union Canal from London to Milton Keynes in '07 for charity, so it seemed a natural extension from kayaking .... my other symptom of lunacy, apart from starting this sport