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Nickname : AliMonster
Joined : 09/01/2010
How I Got Into Dragon Boat Racing

The life of Ultraman (Superman's older, better brother) can get a bit dull so I offered my services to a charity dragon boat team clearly in need of some power...not merely to make up the numbers you understand. Sadly, despite my involvement, we didn't win. I soon realised there's no fame or recognition in charity racing (just a lot of BBQs and Beer) and after a bit of persuasion, I joined the Secklow 'professionals' wink in September 2010...

We are a completely random bunch who's only feature in common is a knack of losing the odd race, but having the greatest laugh while doing it.

I'm also a member of a charity team who are:

2010 Bedford Dragonboat Festival Champions
2011 Milton Keynes Mixed Team Champions
2011 Milton Keynes Dragonboat Festival Champions

and a gold medal winner at the 2013 World Dragonboat Champships in Hungary!