Race Report

Nottingham - 2011
06 May 2011

With the weather disaster of Royal Albert Docks still on my mind, and the fact that my feet were still aching from having spent the previous day mooching around our capital looking for good places to stop for beer, I found myself about to get in a car at 7am on a Sunday morning for the drive to Nottingham for this seasons race meet.

Was I completely out of my mind??

well...perhaps, so I checked with the family of magic goblins that live under our kitchen sink and after a brief pause and a check of the runes they carry in small furry pouches around their necks they said I was perfectly healthy and of sound reasoning....and they're not often wrong. So I placed my tired body into the car and with the satnav* programmed up..off we went...and what a day!!

Our Captain says

"Firstly can I say thanks to everyone for making one hell of a day out last Sunday?

I know I thanked Sue and the lads from Cool Runnings on the day but wanted to take the opportunity to do so again - thanks guys. Jay I only have your email address so would you mind doing the honours on my behalf please?.

It was also great to welcome Abi back into the team – nice to have you onboard Abi I hope this is to become a regular occurrence again.

I don’t think I have ever had a day when it was firsts and seconds all day and what a difference it made - the team spirit was magnificent.

I think I only had three people asking to be left out of the boat at any one time whereas normally they are practically queuing up.

Our first race saw us competing against Kingston Royals and Execalibre Blades where we got a creditable second. We held Kingston for a good way down the course and it felt good to ‘get our heads on’ from the first race.

Although we achieved better times than we have ever done we didn’t go below 2 minutes in the 500 metres which is something for us to aim for during the rest of the season.

One race in particular sticks out in my mind….the one against Raging Dragons! By halfway down the course they were half a boat up and going away from us but with a couple of good calls in the boat we not only held them for a while but even started to come back. I think it might have scared them that with another 10 metres we would have had them!

This just goes to prove that on our day we are as good as most especially when we have the benefit of a full squad allowing me to use the rotation system. I can then put fresh people in the boat when I need to and achieve the results that we are after.

Prof told me on the day that it was only seconds that prevented us competing in the Cup but I was more than happy that we got our 2nd in the Plate.

Everyone played a part on Sunday and I don’t know about the rest of you but I am actually looking forward to Preston even though it is a fair old trek up there. Please can I ask that if you haven't put yay or nay on the website to do so as soon as you can so that I know numbers? Ta.

Thanks again for making me very proud to be the Captain of Secklow Hundred. Go Secklow!

Cheers Alan"

*satnav - from the latin meaning to take you somewhere other than your desired destination via the most convoluted route possible

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