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How To Train Your Dragon.....boat
05 June 2011

Apologies for the title, but I thought it quite apt. For those of you that haven't seen the film How to Train Your Dragon, it's basically about a little Viking boy that befriends a dragon and helps Vikings and Dragons become friends after years of fighting each other...all very cute and stuff...but to be's a funny film, and I recommend it. The reason for me choosing such a title is as follows :-

During the film, the little Viking (who's name I can't remember at present) helps his dragon fly by building a contraption to replace half of the dragons tail...which incidently was destroyed by the Viking boy himself in a battle when they didn't know each other...cue lots of Viking guilt. So, some of you will know where this is going......anyone good at building contraptions that we might be able to use to replace the tail that we lost at RAD on Sunday?? ha ha

Not helped by the wind, or 'assistance' from Typhoon when trying to manoeuvre our boat away from the dock, a slight crunch resulted in us damaging the tail again...well...more snapping it off really (what is it with Secklow and Tails?) and anyone who watches the film I've been referring to will know that a dragon without a tail, doesn't fly very well...and crashes....a at Nottingham anyone?

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