Race Report

12 June 2016

We had 2 crews out, we had rain, we had a crash and we had high spirits!

I will start with the biggest achievement of the day – Secks Appeal’s first outing this year!

Race 1 – Time = 1.05

Up against the national champions meant the guys in Secks appeal had a baptism of fire, with an unpractised start the guys got away well getting stronger throughout the race. Looking good as they crossed the line cheered on by the rest of the club.

Race 2 – Time 1.04

Time for some rest bite and to race against an easier team? Not so lucky! Seck’s appeal found themselves up against another Premier crew in the form of Pershore this time. A much better start this time around meant the Secks Appeal boat had stayed level with the Pershore crew off the line.

Pershore managed to stay in their lane this time and found their experience telling as they crossed the line first, Secks Appeal not fair behind them was a marked improvement and against a team Secklow have been battling with this year.

The Final – 2nd Place

The first final of the day was a 3 boat race, up against a top crew in Powerhouse and Pink Champagne. The Powerhouse guys managed to pull away slightly, as did Secks Appeal from Pink Champagne.

Secks Appeal crossing the line second was a great achievement, but for me the fact Secklow Hundred had 2 boats out was by far the biggest achievement of the day.

Shout outs for the Secks Appeal guys – ALL OF YOU! Everyone improved in every race and the club needs you to keep coming!

Trotter led the lengthy team talks, Guy and Sonia lead the boat and Nick gave some invaluable experience to shore up the engine room.

All the new guys that came enjoyed it, and we hope to see you at St.Neots.


Race 1 – Time 54.73

Unsure of our opponents we ran through our now usual warm up routine, ran through some practice starts that felt strong and smooth then made our way up to the start line. Alongside us pulled up Powerhouse, some but not all heads dropped. Some had decided out fate before we had even pulled the first 6 strokes.

The start call came on we shot off the line, to the surprise of some up ½ a boat length on Powerhouse. The new start finally firing!

Into stride and a full sequence to cross the line, job done! A valuable lesson learnt, never write Secklow off. Once we believe we can beat anyone, we can beat anyone!

Race 2 – Time 55.03

Panda Pops! Or Panda Cubs up next

A repeat performance off the start line gave us the lead, our middle phase performed as well as expected and we crossed the line 1st again!

I was particularly pleased with the consistency of our times.

Race 3 – The Final

Up against Rage – a team we hadn’t beaten yet this year and a team that finished 4th in the league last year.

No-body said before the race they had their doubts about our chances, but it was said to me afterwards. Come on guys, self-belief!

Off the line we smashed it! The best start of the day, despite Rages annoying counting start trying to put us off!

Beating them off the line was the first of 3 challenges in such a short race! They came back, I called a leg drive then more reach, by which time we had already eaten up half the course.

Out into full reach and the boat feeling smooth they couldn’t come back, we had got them, so being the nice captain I am I called the Sequence early!

It didn’t help out time but showed me a lot about the guys in the boat, everyone gave it their all and Rage had no answer for Secklow on the day!

Top work and a 7th place in the 200m guys, a sign of things to come!

The 5K

Those expecting me to moan about the others crews, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I’ve done my moaning already!

However, I will focus on Secklow and our performance!

Full race start, aggressive 1st kilometre and great reaction to calls meant we very quickly found ourselves in a battle with Rage! I know, Rage, the team that came 4th in the League last year! We battled them for the best part of 2K on the way to the turn! After giving them a tow for far too long the Sequence was called and we finally broke free!

Tired from the battle with Rage, we started our turn sequence, through some foul play occurring behind us the Rage boat made a reappearance in our boat saying hello to Dave and Sonia!

Quick reactions and great helming from Emma meant we stayed upright! Is she the best around, I like to think so!

Off we went back from whence we came!

The real battle of the day then started, Royals had made up some serious time up on us and we soon found ourselves in an epic battle against a club emerging as one of the heavyweights.

Jostling for position, each crew intent on not giving in we hashed it out for what seemed like forever! Eventually some underhand tactics shook us off and the remainder of the race went by with everyone feeling slightly flat and cheated.

Crossing the in 8th – inclusive of time penalties is a good result!



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