News Item

11 November 2015

The date: Saturday 28th November2015

The venue: Grove Independent School, Loughton (oh yeah we bring it old school)

In celebration of the achievements of the past Twelve months it has been decided that this year's end of season gathering will contain a number of inaugural awards, some a little more tongue in cheek than others. The prize that everyone wants, of course, is the Best Paddler award. Either that or the prise in the "Least Likely to Keep in Time" category. 

The theme for the evening, being an awards ceremony, can only therefore be one thing? Secklow's very own "Oscars Night".

You may of course wear Black tie and Ball gowns if you wish but a little dressing up rarely goes amiss and would therefore invite you to unleash your inner film star and dress as your favourite Hollywood movie character. From super heroes to super villains, Marilyn Monroe to Mickey Mouse all are welcome though, as always, guy's the most important thing is that you are there to help celebrate another great year for Secklow whatever you decide to wear.


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