Race Report

Milton Keynes
04 July 2015

Great day. It began in the usual chaotic fashion at our home event: lots to be done and it felt like there were never quite enough of us to do stuff. However we were all set up and ready to rock by 8:30am, which was something of a record.

Our 200m heats for both Secklow and Secks Appeal would be best described as work-in-progress. Both teams looked potentially strong but wobbles were bound to occur. Looking back to the bank, the marathon organiser was flapping as all of the marshals had disappeared into boats…..in the meantime we all managed to keep focus, raced hard, but ended up in the reps. In the reps, both of our crews were starting to get things together and get the balance right. Anchordemics too were beginning to get the timing together, looked strong, and were getting quicker.

The 200m sprints have not been our favourite races for some time, but Secklow and Secks Appeal performed admirably and finished 10th and 22nd respectively, both involved in hard-fought tail races.

Into the 500m competition, and more our territory. In Secklow’s heat against Henley we had one of the best races, and performances, that I’ve been involved with at the club. We were pipped by 4 tenths of a second but recorded 2:00:88 which was a brilliant time. Henley certainly got a run for their money and it guaranteed us a place in the Cup, 4th fastest overall.

Through the semis into the final races, Secklow were in a Cup tail race against Notts Anaconda, Bristol Empire Dragons and Thames. We smashed it off the start, and were strong throughout. All crews fought hard and Bristol and Thames would not be shaken off. With Secks Appeal and the rest of the supporters lifting the crew from the sideline, the “up” call for acceleration came……and we went….to win the race and finish a creditable ninth.

The best was yet to come….Secks Appeal in a race-off with the Amathus Bees. From the start it was head to head; nose to nose……first one team would pull ahead, then the other would respond. It was a brilliant effort and final push from the Appeal crew to finish strongly and beat the (significantly less attractive) second team from the UK’s strongest club. Secks Appeal = Scratch Crew champions!

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