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Chairman's Chat - Let's Get Big
24 August 2014

Someone once said to me: “get your hair cut”. This particular Chairman may have had a ridiculous bog-brush style at the time, but hell…..those were the 80s. Strangely enough, people have been making the same anti-hirsute recommendation ever since. Persistence is a virtue….unless you have a comb-over.


What has happened since the last chat? Well, possibly the biggest thing is that we launched Secks Appeal at Caldecotte. A phenomenon that made the rest of the dragon boating world wet with excitement. Not because we were hot (which, of course, we were….TWO Secklow crews… is too much for anyone with a pulse…..) but because it hammered it down with rain every time we went on the water. I think it was a higher power saying “you people, for the benefit of everyone else present, NEED to wear wet T-shirts”. Even the officials were tempted (there was definitely a gleam in those beautifully impartial eyes)…… and we will stop at nothing to get what we want…..(mainly) in a non-prostitutional sense……


The Ice Bucket Challenge has hit our screens and social media. Several Secklow members have been involved, including a paddling lesson from Nick Kell (no Sunday is complete without it), a fit-up from Glyn (NB surely not actually being on Facebook escapes you from this kind of sh!t?), Welchy giving us all more fashion tips with his ridiculous dress sense (seriously, no one ever wants to see the hot pants again…..and a flat cap……individually they’re highly questionable…..but together…..!?)


Most impressive, though, was Caz getting all of about 20 seconds through her dunking experience before the F-word sneaked out……


We’d have loved to have been at Crosby today, now partying with the Crusaders mob and proving that maroon is better than orange (and not just sexually), but it was quite an entertaining day nonetheless… do you choose what "status" to post between:

1. Being pregnant (when you're not)

2. Having diarrhoea (when you haven't)

3. Running out of toilet paper and using your socks.

And what happens if you're wearing flip flops......?



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