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Chairman's Chat - it's sexy time
11 May 2014

After a period of relative silence…..(I say relative, it has been actual silence…..) welcome back to Secklow-based random witterings. We find that a regular supply of gibberish is essential for normal mental and physical development.

And haven’t we developed? Look at those sexy bodies. Some of the boys could (or should) be holding their stomachs in (Chairmen particularly) but we are Secklow, after all….no race day would be complete without a bacon sandwich, a large steak, seven beers and a side order of pie. Not all together, obviously. That would be wrong. We aren’t from Norfolk.

The big news items:


  1. We are now in partnership with Action 4 Youth, which is a massive step forward for us. It means that these Chats probably ought to be cleaner, but let’s not ruin the habit of a lifetime.

  2. A well-known plumbing company has ruined our fun by withdrawing their van early, just as we were reaching our peak. (This is no euphemism……although, girls, I feel your frustration)

  3. We have purchased a new love machine! The Secklow Mercedes has spent more time in the garage than actually out on the road, but she’s being well serviced and hopefully will avoid the future need for us to hire temporary machinery (again no euphemisms). We are about to launch a competition to name her (vehicles always need to be a female). Any suggestions are gratefully received.



It was delightful to see our new race kit in Liverpool. So many people commented on how good we looked. (Well, at least three people commented….) and we undeniably look hot. On a sexy scale of one to Brazilian, we’re somewhere approaching Rio.


We next go to race in Nottingham. A venue where a well-known ruffian robbed from the rich to give to the poor. We just give. To everyone. On multiple levels.  Pass the pies…..






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