Race Report

04 May 2014

We like to keep people guessing as to whether we will grace them with our presence…..! Eventually we scraped together a team of 20 and hit the road at, quite frankly, an obscene time last Sunday morning.

The first round of 500m saw a good fight for the Cup and Plate positions. Unfortunately we just lost out to Crusaders, which meant further reps for our skeleton team. Our crew became tighter each round and we fought our place into the Plate final. Against Pershore, who were 4 secs quicker all day, and Amathus Bees we battled right to the finish to miss out by 0.4 seconds. A fine 2nd. 

The 2000m time trial saw us chasing Bees and being chased by Pershore with a 15 sec interval between. We made fine ground over the first half of the course, heading for the tail of Bees. However they had a strong second half but not quite enough to shake us off. Unfortunately Pershore made good ground behind us, so again we earned a 2nd place in the Plate.

We have some semi-decent quality Liverpudlian bling……real tin……let’s go for some Cup silverware next time out.

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