Race Report

Stockton - 2011
17 April 2011

When Dorothy was in the land of Oz, she had a yellow brick road complete with munchkin advice, flying monkeys and a pair of sparkly red shoes of which all could help her travel huge distances in the blink of an eye.

Sadly, in the dragonboating world any road (nevermind a yellow one) is pretty unhelpful, the munchkin beating the drum at the front is facing the wrong way to be of any directional use, and club funds don't quite stretch to a troup of flying monkeys...the red shoes however....well..maybe Dan has a pair hidden away somewhere from an old modelling job he did.

What has all that got to do with our racing at the weekend??...well..not a lot actually, I just like the comparison...especially since at one point it did feel like we were flying through the water and thought about looking round for the monkeys....

It really was a stunning day, sunshine and warm breezes all day long (the sun burnt amoung us have learned our lesson about bringing sun tan cream next time (who'd have thought that up north eh?). At this point I feel I must hand over to the words of our captain to talk about the actual racing...

"Well I think you can safely say that we put the fear of Christ up Batchworth in the first race when we held them for the first 50 metres and to end up 3.5 seconds behind them at the finish was a brilliant start to the day

There were various comments after the race ranging from the pace being too fast to it being just right. In fairness to Liza she admitted that she was so excited she almost forgot about shouting stride it out and only remembered about 15 strokes from the end. My comment to the pace being too fast is that it is likely that it would have been a problem for longer than 200m but we held it well at this distance.

I'd hazard a guess that our fitness levels are our problem because our times in the next two races got worse by nearly 2 seconds each time!!

The first 500m race saw us competing against Batchworth again and 3 Rivers seeing us finish 3rd and without as much as an opportunity to take on water had to go straight back out to race in the reps against Pershore and Crusaders who pipped us into second place by 1.5 seconds. We won the Plate Semi Final with a time 4 seconds slower than our last race ….funny old game! Finishing second seemed to be the order of the day because that was where we ended up in the final…beaten by Typhoon!

We must now move on and look forward to our next race day in London."

Well said....and if anyone feels like asking Dan about those shoes.....

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Dan says :-
05 September 2011
"Come to think of it....I DO actually own a nice funky pair of red trainers. They don't make much of a click when I knock the heels together though......plus I tend to fall over if I try that manouevre whilst running."

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