Race Report

Worcester - 2013
25 August 2013

After a bit of touch and go, do we go, don't we, a team of 21 was raised to race at Worcester.

A full day of 450s and potentially 2 1500s was in store. The weather held out and behaved, its a shame the river didn't!! There was a very strong advantage in lane 2 having direct flow with lanes 1 and 3 in an obvious disadvantage with dead, shallow and sometimes swirling water. However we've never been a team to moan and battled on regardless.

We had a very shaky first heat in what seemed like a very long and sluggish 450. Pipped by Hurricanes we found ourselves in the reps. Now what happened with the 5 rounds after this is beyond me.......there was some questionable timing issues between starter and finish line, blatant rolling starts and re-runs after 'incidents', but we got stronger as the day went on and eventually ended up in the cup minor final and a very respectable 5th place.

What was supposed to be in the afternoon ended up being about half an hour after the final, but back in for a 1500. Having had a few different helms on the back (and a collision earlier) we decided to put Rob back on the helm and definitely felt in safer hands!!

Seeing the program was running over an hour late it was decided to scrap the minor final. This meant only the top 9 teams would go through to a cup final.

In our heat we placed 5th so had to sweat it out whilst the second heat raced. Overall we placed 8th so fortunately got the chance to go again.....much to my delight, although some of the crew were already dreaming of their first pint!!

Setting of second chasing Pershore was a fairly good position. But being chased by Typhoon wasn't so comfortable. It really fired everyone up and no way were they going to catch us. We made ground on Pershore slowly, until after another great turn and reeled them in. We avoided being caught and once all the times were worked out and re-worked out we placed 5th.

It was a very long day and special thanks goes to Steve, Stuart, Abi and Reece who all got roped into racing unexpectedly for most of the day and performed amazingly.

So that brings us to the end of the league events and onto the National Finals in Nottingham 21/22 Sept. We have 4 weeks worth of training to be our quickest yet. It'll be great to have the biggest, strongest team we've ever sent so if you are still not signed up please do so ASAP. I shall send out a list in the next couple of weeks.

I look forward to seeing you all at training raring to go. There's bling up for grabs at Nottingham and I want some!!

Your very chuffed captain

Jill x

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