Race Report

Royal Albert Dock
11 August 2013

Man, that was a tough day! Eight races that were pretty much back-to-back throughout. And, in the afternoon, under sun that has given me the stoopidest tan lines imaginable (even though I did my best to disrobe at every opportunity. I know everyone appreciates my commitment to lack of clothing)


We went to London with a relatively light, inexperienced crew at a venue where most teams are traditionally strong and where a number of clubs call home. All things considered, we acquitted ourselves magnificently and I thank those of you that came for making my job as easy as possible.


In the morning: 200s. We started off against our 2013 chums BA Hurricanes, against whom we have had some close battles this year. We just about had the better of them in Exeter over 500m, but unfortunately they were too strong for us in London. Finishing second to BA, we went straight into a rep which we won comfortably to go into the semi finals. I can’t really remember much about the semi (apart from the fact that we didn’t win) but we ended up in the tail race for 9th-12th which is probably where we would have expected to end up at the start of the day (and considering that our 200s have been shite this year). We saw off Raging Dragons and Cool Runnings in our final but those scallywags Execalibre crept up in Lane 1 and we didn’t quite have enough in the tank. 10th. Not too shabby.


After a (very short) lunch break and a few running repairs on our drummer we were into the 500s. Hoping to cling on to Tao in our heat, the first 500 was probably our most controlled and effective, and we missed out on an automatic semi final spot by less than half a second. Unfortunately half a second is still half a second, so we were into another rep. Again we comfortably won that subsequent race but it was clear that fatigue was starting to set in, as the second half of the race was starting to lose its edge. No matter: semi time. After what seemed like a 35 second rest, we were in against three of the top five Prem crews. We just didn’t have enough to compete this time and finished fourth but we were quick enough to sneak into the Cup Minor Final which, all things considered, was a great result. At the start of the day I would have take a final against Notts, BA and Typhoon (who were, by the way, flying – well done to Laura and her lovely orange-and-black mob). 8th overall. Very respectable.


As I said afterwards to those that were around and were not too tired to listen, there are a few things that we need to work on (as ever) which we will certainly do in forthcoming training sessions. What we really need to do first and foremost is to make sure that we send a team to Worcester, so that our development this season and our position in the league is not wasted because we didn’t go to two league events. Jill will be sending the usual round-robin email asking for people to re-confirm availability. If you are in a position of being able to free yourself up to come to Worcester on 25th August please do so. There are a few teams that I want to beat.


A few things that I learnt this weekend:

  1. We’re still gorgeous, even when we’re not winning quite as often.

  2. We should investigate vest options as well as t-shirts for new race shirts. These tan marks are ridiculous.

  3. It might actually be true that some of our paddlers are better when they are hung over.

  4. One or two of the other teams really do have some nobheads in their crew.

 Bring on Worcester on the 25th.....


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