Race Report

Exeter - 2013
07 July 2013

Amazing. Just one of many words I could use to describe an unforgettable weekend.

Firstly I must admit when I pitched my tent on Sat afternoon and saw the state of some of the crew, my hopes for what we eventually achieved were in some doubt!!

However, the sun was shining and as usual the Secklow spirit was in full flow on Sunday morning. Off on a really good start in the 200s we showed everyone we meant business. Having Rage and Cool in the first round was certainly a wake up call!! Again we made the cup rounds and minor finals (finishing 8th....I think!). Having not as many crew members as anticipated no one got the opportunity to rest and it was a case of pulling out all the stops when the heat was so intense and people feeling weary.

Having no reps in the 200s certainly helps and it showed in our first 450 heat. Pulling out a 1.53 landed us 4th fastest overall.  Raising a few eyebrows in other teams, the panic set in and the top teams started dropping. We reached our first major cup final! Against Worcester 1st team and Tao we were definitely the underdogs. Not having the best of the lanes, but a very relaxed crew who had nothing to lose we were certainly the ones to watch. With a bit of argy bargy going on between Worcester and Tao we all crossed the line not knowing. Then came the drama.....complaints from all directions gave Emma an essay to write and us a 2nd place!!

I can say I don't think I've heard such noise in a final of a league race in the last 50m and apart from having their own team support I think every other team on the quayside was willing us on.

So now we have found ourselves in a position I certainly don't want to let go. So if you want a piece of the cup action and haven't yet signed up to the last 4 meets of the year at London Docklands, Worcester and the 2 days at the National Finals in Nottingham, please let me know ASAP.

A rather proud captain


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