Race Report

05 May 2013

At some point it was a bit touch and go as to whether we were going to send a crew at all, but it all came together at the late stage in true Secklow style. Training had been going well and I was getting the feeling everyone was raring to go and put it all into practice.

First race and we were head to head with Cool Runnings and Amathus. I can't really put my finger on what went wrong, but it was pretty much a disaster. Having gathered our thoughts and put it behind us it was time to face Typhoon. This one couldn't have run much better. The new start got us off well and we ran smoothly into transition. We didn't quite stuff them as well as I know we can but we'll save that for next time!!

Then came the plate final, with Execalibre and Crusaders.......now was the time to pull it out of the bag. Half way down the course and we were at least a dragon head in front. With a few timing calls required to keep control we were finally pipped at the post by 0.6sec. I did attempt to enter a protest seeing as they finished in our lane, however having (according to the officials) not impeded our racing line it was rejected. A fine second place and some well-deserved silverware.

After avoiding the pointless waste-of-energy that was the buoy race, in the afternoon we hit the 2k. A good starting position hunting down Crusaders and Execalibre behind us. With Rob taking us nicely round the first turn, we slowly made ground on Crusaders. At the final turn, expertly taken by Rob, we were on their tail. Inch by inch we reeled them in over the last 500m. I feel another 100m and we'd have taken it.

All in all a very pleasing start to the season. If we can increase our numbers and if you all continue to commit to training things can only get better and I'm sure we'll soon be a force to be reckoned with amongst the big boys.

A rather chuffed captain

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