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Chairman's Chat
08 May 2013

I am sorry people. Sometimes the important things in life get in the way: family; work; Liverpool (FC); wondering whether Paul Hollywood deserves the ladies' attention...and, as a knock-on, I have an important question: is a dodgy goatee beard combined with a seductive way with macaroons a winning formula...?

As an ancillary question, on a subject about which I am most perturbed, how acceptable (or, indeed, normal) is male grooming? How commonplace is it for men to take a razor to their hairy bits? Is it reasonable for men to 'roam free' whilst women groom impeccably? The physical and moral connotations are too deep for this piece (of writing).

I have forgotten more than I have learnt over the last few months since the last chat. To quote Commandant Lassard: "many, many things have happened." But we aren't quite sure what. Of this I can be sure though: spring is here. Secklow is booming. Ali is driving a sh!t car across a hot country. Edinburgh is in Scotland. And the team talk from our Captain this season will have less swear words in than last year...(but equally motivational)

Rock on.

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