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Chairman's Chat 2013: Surely Better Than 2012...
16 January 2013

I think that we're all agreed: 2012 was a great year for sport. But 2013 will be better! I mean...we've got the rugby league world cup to look forward to...not to mention National Snowman Day, which is on Friday and has been marked on Secklow's calendar with more excitement than Piers Morgan's Life Stories. And that's pretty damn exciting.

It has been so long since the last chat session, it is bordering on neglect. It isn't that nothing has happened...far from it...but these are busy times. Pens need pushing, papers need shuffling, tea needs drinking. Those biscuits don't eat themselves either. But I'm happy to say that, like the good Superman in Superman III, we've vanquished evil (in a scrapyard battle to the death) and are back do-gooding...and no longer smashing up drinking establishments with peanuts. At Secklow we cherish our watering holes, and our nuts for that matter, far too much for that kind of behaviour anyway...

So Christmas has come and gone. In anticipation that Santa failed to deliver the stocking-filler to Liverpool that attaches a permanent anchor to Amathus's boat, we've actually been training! I's remarkable. Some of us have lost fingers and other sensitive parts to frostbite and the Loch Furzton Monster, but it'll all be worth it come the 5th May when we hit the 2008 City of Culture...5th May...another race meeting perfectly positioned in the middle of a Bank Holiday weekend for maximum disruption to social lives. On the positive side, we're looking forward immensely to re-running the 2k figure-of-eight. It was quite possibly the highlight of the 2012 season, thanks primarily to Notts Anaconda and an expensive houseboat. We're looking forward less to the round-the buoy race that gives us two hours off when we lose in Round One.

In the meantime, keeeeeep dancing!

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