Race Report

Henley Winter Series 2011 Race 2
05 December 2010

I apologise for the delay in the report for the last race but as some of you who saw me at the christmas dinner will know, I wasn't exactly a picture of health for the 2 weeks after the last Henley. Anyway from what I can remember here goes.

Firstly we beat more than 1 other team across the finish line, 2 teams finished less than a minute behind us whilst a few minutes later Typhoon brought Vairicana over the finishing line, having started last after going on a tour of Henley and missing their starting slot!

Well what can I say about our race, first, we had more than 10 people in the boat, but only just! On arrival we had 13 paddlers (minimum for Henley is 14) so after a bit of work from Rich, we persuded 2 paddlers to join us, so although they are not reading this our thanks must go out to Mark and Jenny for helping us get on the start line. Also congratulation to Claire, Susie on their first race for the club and Alistair for his first Henley and also welcome back to Neil. With what can only be described as a inexperienced crew and with the calls of Em on the back and the encouragement of Richard from the middle of the boat, "Come on we're not going to let those f*****s past" being one of the calls of the day, we brought Gyosie home in a little over 38 minutes and that included Claire and Susie havivg to take it turns to use a paddle, after the Muscles from Argos managed to break the blade off her paddle en route to Temple Island (thats £60 you owe the club Claire*). So thank you to all who put in the effort and paddled their best. Also thanks to Simone & Graham for child minding duties.

The next step is to finish ahead of the other crews and not be bottom of the handicap so I'm looking to send the boat out with a full compliment of paddlers next time, and the more experience the better. We also need to sort out getting the boat to Henley as Rich, will be paddling but is coming from a different direction, so any volenteers. Please let me have your availability asap.


Chairman Trotter

*Just kidding

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