Race Report

Stockton - 2012
04 August 2012

Well everyone who was at Stockton, it was an enjoyable day, even though it was very tiring. We were very short on numbers which made it extremely difficult to compete with other teams with full squads, luckily Typhoon had a depleted team which gave us someone to race and beat, we also nearly beat Three Rivers from nearby Durham who had a full team. I do believe that with a full team we could have upset a few of the big teams that were there, as i don't think anyone had their best teams out.(maybe the chairman was right).

As much as it was an enjoyable day for the members who made the long journey north, it was the weather that got us in the end, but I think all of Secklow came away with a smile on their faces, even Mark when he found out nothing was broken, hope you're feeling better mate. I know Matt enjoyed his first 500 mtr race and almost got a winners medal, but well done to everyone for being with us on Saturday it was hard work but well worth it.

Thank everyone I'll see you on Thursday at training, we do that you know, over at Furzton at 6 o'clock.

Come on Secklow.


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