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Chairman's Chat...The Call of Nature
16 July 2012

It's official folks: Secklow is a beautiful place to be. It's kind of a halfway house between Valhalla (for those of a Nordic persuasion) and an upper-class strip club. That dreamy, heaven-sent imagery of gold, perfection and satisfaction...together with a slight undertone of maroon, flirtation and smut.

With the June postponement of the Exeter National League event and some rather shoddy attendance records at training, this club has forgotten what half of its members look like...and so we're desperate for some action...! Not as desperate as some of the other crews probably are, but that's another story altogether...

Thankfully August and September are looking to be jam-packed full of scrummy racing, so even the most obsessively competitive Chairman will be sated. First up: Stockton. A beautiful venue for boating...although it's unfortunate that it is so far away that it is in a different time zone...but, on the plus side, with a track record of good weather for NL events. And don't we just need it...this summer has been soggier, more pathetic, and less likely to give any satisfaction than England footballers in a penalty shoot-out.

Fortunately Secklow offers a tantalizingly high level of promise and delivers so much more. We can be counted on to leave no-one unsatisfied. The gift that keeps on giving.

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