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Chairman's Chat...better than the last one...
15 June 2012

...with no childish references to shite 80s TV shows. Although this time we will be talking about camping.

Preparation is fully up and running across the dragon boating world for the annual trip to Exeter next weekend. Forgive me this rant, but three highlights of the calendar year all on the same weekend? Could the organizers of the Isle of Wight Festival, Willen Lake dragon boat festival and the BDA have made any more of a mess of this Chairman's social diary if they had tried? Well yes, they could, if they'd moved my birthday, Christmas and my hair salon appointment to the same weekend I suppose. Fair enough, let's be grateful for small least National Flip Flop Day is safe. (It exists, look it up...) Or, my personal favourite, International Kissing Day (my only quibble with this one is that it is only a day, when frankly they could have drawn it out to a month, surely..? We are English, after all. Erm...maybe a half day would be more appropriate on that basis...)

Anyway, back to Exeter: possibly the pinnacle of the dragon boating calendar. Where else would you see a 50-year old, orangutan-shaped baldie involved in a spacehopper race against a five year old? And losing (not deliberately). The after-party at Exeter is epic, and is going to be made all the more succulent by the fact that the racing is being held on Saturday, leaving Secklow-ites free to party 'til dawn on Sunday. And, let me tell you, if I hear that there hasn't been a party until dawn there's gonna be a major can of whoopass being opened at the next club meeting. We have standards relating to fitness, technique, strength and commitment but the KPI relating to partying stamina is the most important to uphold. You have been warned.

The questions I want answers to:
1. Will Chris make another comeback at Exeter Quay?
2. Can we break our dragon's head on another member of Worcester?
3. Will Gill redecorate her tent again with the new colour for 2012: 'hint of cider' (2011's colour was 'hint of red wine' if I recall...)
4. Can the orangutan win pass the parcel?
5. Why the hell have I run out of paper clips again??

In the meantime I'll be cheering the team on from my sun-soaked spot in the field at the Isle of Wight Festival, safe in the knowledge that Bruce Springsteen isn't likely to give me any grief for being hungover in the boat.

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Gill says :-
30 June 2012
"It was white wine last year, not red thankfully. That really would have been a mess"

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