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Chairman's Chat...This Time it's Personal
07 June 2012

Good morning campers..hi de hi...

For those of you that were alive and watching television in the early 80s that will strike a dim, distant and eminently forgettable resonance of a TV show that, for some reason that I can't put my finger on, isn't repeated along with Blackadder, Dad's Army etc on Dave. Maybe it is because the controller of Dave doesn't like holiday camps. Maybe he (or she) doesn't like Sue Pollard. Or maybe it is because the show was shite. Anyway, for those that weren't watching, it won't make any sense whatsoever, and I can't be bothered to explain it.

The month of June traditionally sees Secklow busily doing our bit for the community by training charity crews for the festival at Willen Lake. This is, obviously, on top of the usual charity work that we do (but that we don't like to talk about). We also operate a care in the community scheme...but that's enough about one or two of our club members.

Belated congratulations to Jill and Abi for making the Prem GB squad. Good work girls - keeping the Secklow end up. Self-congratulations also to your honorable Chairman (I say honorable in the broadest and least appropriate sense of the word) for attending the trials...and not capsizing. Success is all relative. And I stayed relatively dry...a performance for which I rewarded myself with a half of cider and a jumbo kit kat.

This weekend sees a hive of excitement in anticipation of Becky's hen party. A tumultuous, emotional powder-keg of pole dancing, cocktails, hotpants and ABBA tribute shows. But enough about the boys' night out that's going on the same evening...what about the hen do? Secklow-style apologies to any man that might be attending Wilton Hall on Saturday night. Not for the outrageously flirtatious Secklow Sirens that will be hitting the town...not even for the abuse that you will undoubtedly get for your dad-dancing and poor dress sense (or maybe that's just me)...not even for the hilarious "challenge" that requires you to remove your 3-day-old Y-fronts in front of the baying mob...but for the two deeply unfeminine Secklow men who have taken the bait and are believed to be going in drag. There are some people that simply shouldn't wear hotpants (roughly 50% of the population in fact, not including fat chavs). Believe me, these are two of those people.

Ho de ho

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Liza Blackman says :-
06 September 2012
"Hey Dan....were you hammered when you wrote this? It made me laugh but made little sense. Still love you as our Chairman though. xx"

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