Race Report

Bristol - 2012
20 May 2012

Wow! Ladies and Gents, what a great days racing, i dont think i've ever been involved in a race day where we have won so many races, although some of which were very close calls, and that seemed to be the pattern of the day as all of the finals were very close.

Anyway can I say a big thanks to Richard for getting the boats and all the equipment down there safely, (and hopefully back) and the three lads that helped us out on the day, without them we would have struggled as we did seem to have a lot of races What has happened to all the sitting about we used to do? I can remember when we could have a kip in-between races, maybe its because the team has got that much better.

As for the rest of you, it was absolutely awesome to watch and a privilege to be in the boat with you, although i bloody ache this morning as i bet you all must, also another huge thanks to Richard as who, like Alan, would always prefer to be paddling, but has to win the helm of the day award for some brilliant calling from the back of the boat.

Major plate winners again and only missed the Cup by 2 one hundreds of a second, we are getting there, i do believe that Typhoon have now got it in their heads that they cannot beat us. Enough said, well done Secklow.

Captain Alan

For pics of the day, please see here

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