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Chairman's Chat
18 April 2012

This is the first in a series of 60 second updates (where you get 60 quality seconds, and you'd better be damn well appreciative..) about what is new, exciting, plump and succulent in the World of Secklow...a place where men are men, and ladies get wet. (In a paddling and non-smutty context, naturally...)

Last weekend the Secklow team endeavoured to raise some money for Sport Relief by completing the Sainsburys Mile in Central Milton Keynes. Despite being (surely) the spectacle of the day (by taking the fully dressed dragon boat around the course) the BBC inexplicably decided to televise an interview with a man dressed in an unconvincing horse costume instead of us. It was a ludicrous decision...we didn't swear or expose ourselves or anything...maybe that was the problem...

Tension mounts in anticipation of the first National League Fixture which, this year, is our home event at Caldecotte North Lake on Saturday 21st April. Challenging questions are everywhere:
1. How fit is the team? The answer is, paradoxically and to use confused cake metaphors, both "exceedingly good" and "exercise? not in the slightest, thanks waiter, I'll have another slice."
2. What is our start this year? There's a five in there somewhere...
3. How drunk are the Captain and Chairman going to get at the after party..?

This will become a regular least until people get bored, or start complaining.

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