Race Report

So Henley 3 took place last Sunday on a lovely sunny although somewhat cold morning and with the help of (quite a few) Rafters we managed to get a crew out. I took over as Captain last minute with Chris off to India but to be fair I didn’t do too much as Chris had already got the team sorted and Sally completed the team sheet and entry (thanks for that).

For me personally I found it one of the toughest Henley’s yet! I don’t mean from a physical perspective because it is always physically hard but from a mental one – it was full on from the start to the finish. I think crews were set off a little closer together this time around and it certainly made for some interesting racing. We seemed to be either overtaking or being overtaken throughout the whole race, with some interesting turns thrown in.

Without Alan on the day, Richard took on the role of helm and therefore the abuse was constant (we expect nothing less) and inspiring, although a little over excitement on Richard’s part meant that at one point we were looking to go through Temple island rather than around it! Richard also did a great job of organising the seating at the last minute although we were a little unbalanced which resulted in a bit of jostling during the race.

We paddled hard but unfortunately on the day we didn’t really gel as a team (I believe this may have been debated by some during the race…!!!) which meant after all our efforts we came in with a rather disappointing result of 37 minutes something – a couple of minutes off our best this season. Our best result in November undoubtedly came because we had a majority Secklow in the boat – we are a team and mostly we paddle as one so this is our best asset. With only 10 Secklow paddlers, it made the job very difficult and whilst we are all extremely grateful to the Rafters for joining us and therefore allowing us to race at all, I think we all agree that the best position for us to be in would be to put out a team which is truly Secklow.

And so to Henley 4 – the final race of the series on February 26th. Once again the job of Captain is mine so I have this question - How many Secklow members can we get in the boat for the final outing? Come on – you know you want to……

Henley Winter Series 2011 - 13/02/2011
Position Team Time
1 Longridge Premier 30m 17s
2 Rafters 30m 52s
3 The 1000 Crew 31m 33s
4 Exe-Calibre 32m 39s
5 Worcester Dragons 33m 26s
6 Thames Pheonix 34m 36s
7 Henley Dragons 35m 11s
8 Hurricanes 36m 56s
9 Secklow Hundred 37m 02s
10 TAO 37m 45s
11 Exe-Calibre Blades 39m 22s
12 Typhoon 41m 31s

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