Race Report

Thanks to all of you that took part in the 2nd Henley Winter series on Sunday.

We were running a bit light with only 18 paddlers, 10 Secklow ladies, 5 Secklow men with Sue, Kate and Neal making up the numbers. Despite this we worked hard coming in with a very respectable time of 36.45 against last months time of 35.36 (I knew there was a 36 somewhere in it).

We chased hard and took the 10 Raging man boat before the first turn however we couldntt quite reach Excalibre blades (although the final result meant we did beat them). We were overtaken by Kingston on the return journey with a particularly cutting "they've got nothing" from their helm as they were passing (along with a bit of whinging about allowing them room which Alan made sure he put them straight on). So next month let's make sure they don't pass us again and remember 4 crews were really close in November so let's make sure we come out on top next time.

A big thank you to Alan whose helming was great including two really tight and well executed turns and some great calls when we needed them. Thanks to Reanne on drum who gave some encouraging calls and some how managed to understand and relay both mine and Jill's instruction grunts throughout the race. Thanks also to Rich for helping me sort the boat so that we were running fairly balanced and last but certainly not least thanks to all of you for paddling really hard and really responding well to the calls when required, you could really feel the boat lift. So now it's back to Chris who will pick up as Henley Captain again in January.x

Henley Winter Series 2011 - 13/02/2011
Position Team Time
1 Rafters 31m 03s
2 Exe-Calibre 31m 31s
3 The 1000 Crew 31m 54s
4 Worcester Dragons 32m 18s
5 Tao 34m 01s
6 Kingston Royals 34m 15s
7 Hurricanes 34m 49s
8 Thames Phoenix 35m 07s
9 Secklow Hundred 36m 45s
10 Exe-Calibre Blades 36m 51s
11 Henley Dragons 38m 10s
12 Raging Dragons 42m 49s

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