Race Report

National Finals - Nottingham 2011
11 September 2010


In true Secklow form we got to the start late for the 200m open preliminary heat and along with Amathus Bees and Henley Dragons were awarded a 2 second penalty. This didn’t do much for our performance and we finished last. Our next race saw us beaten into second by a team of men called the Brewers Arms; the upside was we shaved over a second off our previous time. We came away with a creditable 3rd in the Open Plate Grand Final.

Next up were the Mixed races where we were beaten into second place in the tail race by Typhoon Tigers. We declined the offer to race the 1000m in favour of having a drink in the bar.


Well you’d think we’d learn from yesterday and be on the start early for the first race but no we decided to make it a brace of failures and got another two second penalty for arriving late. Crusaders got one too so it wasn’t all bad. We only managed a 4th in that race but I was pretty happy with our mixed crew getting 2.21.06 (including the 2 second penalty). Unfortunately this put us into the reps and even more unfortunately in lane 5 which was plagued by reeds so we ended up 5th and into the tail race of the Mixed Cup where we smashed Amathus Bees and Crusaders beating them by 4 and 12 seconds apiece. Can’t let it go unnoticed that Crusaders did have a 2 second penalty though.

After lunch we went into the Open 500m prelims where we came 5th again….I would blame the reeds but Pershore were in lane 5 and they came 4th. Our next race saw us again coming out 2nd to Brewers Arms but this time shaving 3.5 seconds off our last race time which saw us firmly placed into the Grand Final in Lane 3.

Not wishing to jeopardise our chances again we set off bright and early to the start and that’s where I’ll leave it but suffice to say that I’m sure that if the officials hadn’t left us on the water for 40 minutes we may well have got the win we all deserved in this race. We did manage a 3rd losing out on the 1st and 2nd places to Brewers Arms and Amathus. The good news was that we shaved another half a second off our time which I was more than happy with.

I’d like to say a massive thanks to everyone for all their efforts, for sitting out of the odd race when asked. Liza has had a few comments from some of our newbies saying how welcome they have been made to feel and how much they enjoyed it and I’m proud of you all for that.

I’d also like to say thanks to Mark Collison who made my life so much easier, I am still pretty new to this sport and couldn’t have worked out when we were next racing without him. Thanks must go to Alan for the fine tuning in the weeks leading up to the Finals and for the positive comments that kept everyone on a high throughout the weekend. Cheers to both of you. Ali. Alistair, Becky, Gill, Jill and Lou – I was very proud of you, you couldn’t have known what to expect in the Nationals but you all took it in your stride with no gripes and made it fun for everyone so thanks for that. Last and by no means least a huge well done must go to Freya at her first National Finals, you did a brilliant job.

I’ll hopefully see you all at the AGM on Thursday.

Well done Secklow and here’s to 2011.

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